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Yenko Silverado 1500 For Sale In Vero Beach, FL

Yenko Silverado 2021 Chevrolet

Starting At $70,000*

EST. City/Hwy TBD

Horsepower 1000 HP

It's a good thing cats (like the 702hp kind) have nine lives because the Yenko Silverado is going to take them all. Charging out of the gates with 800hp and a whole lot of insanity, the Yenko Silverado is a roll cage & fuel cell away from being ready to run the Trophy Truck Unlimited Class in the Baja 1000. If you don't know what the Yenko Silverado is or what the Yenko name is all about you will by the end of this page. And you're going to want one – badly. It's time to find all those pennies you've been saving for a rainy day because this truck is about to stomp the competition. Only 50 Yenko Silverado super trucks will be made this year, and you can only get one from Dyer Chevy, your new truck dealership in Vero Beach. Read on, and hurry!

Don Yenko. A Chevy Race Legend.

Don Yenko grew up as a Chevy vehicle guy like the rest of us. His dad owned a Chevy dealership in Pennsylvania, and when the business grew, Don would inherit the soon-to-be hallowed Canonsburg facility. Don was an Air Force pilot, and after he retired from the military, he kept it low and kept it fast. This time, however, he did it in his Chevy race cars and dominated the 24 hours of the Le Mans race and other SCCA races. Don's spirit lives on in his original Yenko Camaro models and in the hearts of those who pay nearly $300K to get them. Fortunately for you, your Yenko Silverado will cost less.

A Truck Lover's Dream

The Yenko truck, produced by Specialty Vehicle Engineering, is the truck lover's dream. If you love climbing, this is Everest. If you wonder about space, this is dark matter. If you love the unobtainable, this is your one shot at grabbing it. Here's where it gets interesting: the Yenko Silverado package starts shy of $80K without the truck. So we'll do our part and get you a deal on a new Silverado 1500 for sale as the platform, but what happens from there is entirely up to you.

Your Supercharged Chevy Truck in Vero Beach

In case you're thinking about it, Specialty Vehicle Engineering won't sell you a Yenko Silverado directly. Only an authorized Chevy dealer, like Dyer Chevy, can make it happen. If you love having something that no one else can have, this will be the vehicle to get. Not to mention the prospect of the Yenko Silverado becoming an investment piece. So let's get to it. How do you get one? What are your options? What are all the details you need to know? Here are the answers to your most pressing questions regarding your lifted Silverado on steroids:

How much is a Yenko Silverado?

The starting Yenko Silverado package is just shy of $80K. This includes your motor, heavy-duty transmission, custom links, next-generation Fox Suspension, custom colors, specialty wheels, quad-tipped exhaust, bespoke graphics & branding, eight-piston Brembo brakes, and more. We're just getting started. Of course, you'll need to get the lucky donor truck first. If you want something unique, and street legal in all 50 states, you might want one of our Rocky Ridge lifted trucks for sale.

Where can I buy a Yenko Silverado?

From Dyer Chevy — home of exceptional Silverado 1500 lease specials. Only authorized retailers will be able to get you one, and we're happy to make it happen. The 2021 Yenko Silverado can come in a crew cab or double cab, so hurry up and take a cab from your house near Sebastian, Florida, and secure your order today!

How much horsepower is in the Yenko Silverado?

800 Raptor-crushing, Hellcat-shaming horsepower. Specialty Vehicle Engineering deploys a blueprinted 6.2L supercharged V8 with twisted-steel internals wrapped in performance heads, intake, induction, and exhaust that will make any passenger who hasn't abandoned ship scream for mercy.

Dyer Chevy, Yenko, and You

It doesn't get any more personal than this. If you love to take your Chevy vehicle off-roading and tell stories that no one else can, then the Yenko Silverado is where it's at. Let's face it. Not everyone can go that big. But you can. And that's part of the fun. This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of American automotive history and, more importantly, to discover what it means to push your limits, too. Every racer knows that it's on the edge where one discovers who they really are. And, frankly, that place isn't for everybody. Chevy brand always encourages you to find new roads — except with the Yenko Silverado. With this truck, you'll create roads that didn’t exist and claim them all for yourself. Can you handle it?

*The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.

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