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We’ve all been there: arms extended towards the heavens while your keys mock you from the other side of the window as they lay their snug, secure, and useless. As you pound the door in frustration — wondering how to unlock your car without keys — you fumble through your pockets to get your phone out and find our page; help has arrived!

Unlocking Your Door Without a Key

First, don’t panic. There are a number of roadside services that can help you end this mind-numbing nightmare. This is the preferred choice. Ask for help before trying any homemade methods that involve prying your door open, as you could end up damaging your car or violating your warranty. So take a deep breath, get out your cell phone, and use that first before grabbing a wire hanger or anything of the sort. We’ve all locked keys in the car. You aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last.

When it comes to roadside services, there is a clear leader in providing instant solutions to your problem; OnStar provides peace of mind in the most stressful situations, ensuring you have more than one instantly available method to unlock your car.

Firstly, the OnStar app acts as your safety net for all vehicle-related mishaps, no matter how small or large they might be. If you have the app downloaded to your phone’s home screen, it’ll be just a couple of swipes before you’re able to open your locked car door.

Your local Chevy dealer in Florida is a good resource to have on-call, as we come into contact with all kinds of driving situations. Other roadside services or locksmiths can be reached by phone, and after a panicky “I’m locked out of my car” call, they’ll come to your rescue. Be sure to ask about the full price of the transaction up front, the estimated waiting time, and exactly how far away the help that’s “on the way” is. Read reviews from people stuck in similar situations and see if the locksmith you’re thinking about selecting does quality work and is straight up with their customers. If the locksmith or roadside services representative hesitates to answer or isn’t direct when addressing these questions, take your business somewhere else. You want this problem to be vanquished, not to start a new predicament.

Lastly, there are the aforementioned homemade methods, none of which we recommend. While they may be able to get the job done, it’s always best to leave something as valuable as your car in the hands of a trained professional. Here are some items you may be able to use to open your car that may be on hand.

  • Tennis Ball
  • Shoelace
  • Coat Hanger
  • Spatula

Our steadfast rule remains: If you’re not sure how to unlock your car without keys, consult a professional. Though nobody is happy when they’ve locked keys in the car, it is a fairly common occurrence. A seasoned veteran who deals with these types of annoyances all the time is a better option than something you’re trying for the first time.


Can Chevrolet unlock your car?

Simply call 1.888. 4ONSTAR (1.888. 466.7827) and an Advisor can unlock your car without keys from their desk. If your car is properly equipped, you’re a phone call away from being back inside.

Can you use OnStar to unlock your car?

Quickly download your vehicle’s mobile app, and remote access to your vehicle is now available right from your smartphone. You can start up the engine, monitor your car’s internal health, check tire pressure, remaining fuel, fuel efficiency, and more. It’s like having your whole car in the palm of your hand.

How much does OnStar charge to unlock a car?

OnStar goes for an annual price of $199 a year and is principally a safety and security service. Live operators are standing by to help facilitate emergency services if they detect your car has crashed or is in trouble. The new app and GM radio unlock chip take this important service even further. Now, OnStar customers can unlock their car or lock it remotely through the app.

What does the My Chevy app do?

Using the myChevrolet Mobile App, you can access your virtual garage, add or remove vehicles, and review each current Connected Service and OnStar plan you have registered for each vehicle. You can add vehicles to your account through the Chevrolet Owner Center Garage; all you have to have is your VIN on deck.

If you’re looking for vehicles that are compatible with OnStar services in Vero Beach, check out our
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