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Leasing VS. Financing A New Vehicle

Lease vs. buy. Probably the single-most talked about subject at our dealership. We’re going to share some key insider information with you so that you can make the best decision for you and yours.

Before we begin, both lease & finance options allow you to drive a brand new vehicle without paying out of pocket for the full MSRP. That is the key benefit for both payment types. While similar, each payment type has a different set of advantages.

So shop our new Chevy inventory in Vero Beach, pick your favorite, then tell us which payment type works for you after reading our lease vs. buy page below!

The Benefits of Leasing a Car: Declassified

Lease vs. buy, which one is better? Most people resist the idea of a lease because they think that they’re paying for something that “isn’t theirs.” And that’s just untrue. Did you know that you could buy your lease at the end of the term if you wanted to? So in that sense, it’s very similar to buying, except a lease gives you an early-out at approximately 36 months! With a lease you’ll enjoy the following:

  1. Little to no down payment
  2. A smaller monthly payment
  3. A shorter commitment
  4. Factory warranty terms cover the duration of your lease

Okay, we know a lease costs less, but why? Think about it: you’re only paying for a portion of the vehicle with predicted usage. So if you know your mileage habits and love an upgrade every few years, a lease might just be for you. So if “lease vs. buy a car” is a topic of discussion, all signs point toward a lease.

The Benefits of Buying a Car: Revealed

When people consider the differences between leasing vs. buying, the idea of ownership comes to mind. Ideal for people that have higher mileage driving needs, a finance payment offers zero restrictions. Benefits for purchasing include:

  1. Unrestricted usage
  2. The ability to make modifications
  3. Ease of title transfers
  4. The sense of owning an asset

Yes, financing costs more per month because you are paying for the total amount of the loan, as opposed to a lease, which is only a portion of the MSRP. The benefits of ownership include the ability to do with the vehicle as you see fit, without any contract liabilities. Point: finance.

Lease vs. Finance: Which Is Right for You?

There is no “better.” The whole lease vs. buy discussion centers around your personal preferences, budget, and driving habits. Both allow you to pay for a new vehicle without being 100% out of pocket. You can check out our new Chevy finance specials near Melbourne or view our current lease specials. In either case, we’ll make sure the deal is optimized to be as favorable as possible. Dyer Chevy of Vero Beach has your back, so get out there and find new roads!

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