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New Tires For Sale In Vero Beach, FL


If you’re looking for the best deals on new tires for sale, you’ve come to the right spot! Dyer Chevy in Vero Beach has all the brands and sizes you need in addition to our tire price match guarantee. What does all that mean for you? An end to the madness. Stop searching around. Your best tire deals are here. Scroll below to learn a little more about the life of your tires and why they’re so important to maintain, and grab some additional savings with our other incredible service coupons!

Everything Rides on Your Tires

Sure. You’re looking for discount tires. We all love saving money. But what you can’t do is allow cost-savings to compromise quality. Have you ever seen those rubber corkscrew remnants on the side of the interstate? Chances are that’s the result of just a few bucks saved on poor-quality discount tires. Don’t let that happen to you. First things first, take a look at your tires:

  • Are there gashes in or pieces missing from the sidewall?
  • Are your front tires worn flat at the outer edge?
  • Do you hear a strange flapping sound as you speed up or slow down?
  • Is there a shimmy in your steering wheel at various speeds?
  • Does your vehicle pull to one side or the other?
  • Is there visible metal mesh poking through the sidewall or surface of your tires?

If you have answered yes (or even maybe) to any of these questions, it could definitely be time for new tires. Our new tires for sale are priced with your budget and safety in mind, so shop with confidence. Your tires are the front line of your vehicle’s safety system. It’s always worth getting the right tires because you can end up as a statistic if your vehicle isn’t in control. According to the NHTSA, about 1,000 people die per year in accidents caused by blowouts due to old tires. This is totally preventable.

More Than Just New Tires for Sale

We care. Our tire experts are fanatic about your safety, and they’ll check out other related systems that also endure the extreme heat in South Florida. Did you know that steering systems, ball joints, and tie-rod-ends can all suffer heat damage from scorching road temperatures? When these parts begin to fail, chassis characteristics change and expedite the wear on your tires. The experts at our auto repair shop in Vero Beach will install and balance your new tires the right way by making sure there’s a solid foundation for them to rest on. If something comes up, we’ll bring it to your attention. We’re never pushy. We’ll tell you what can be done in a month from now, several weeks from now, or six months from now. We’re on your side.

Experience the Dyer Difference

The Dyer Difference begins with our commitment to our community. Throughout the year, we engage in all kinds of charitable activities because we believe that Florida should be enjoyed by all who live here. Even the most vulnerable. At the end of the year, we give the prestigious Dyer Difference Award to a non-profit organization that has made an incredible difference throughout the year.

But how do we know what to look for?

It comes from what we practice every day in our showrooms, service center, and collision center. Courtesy. Integrity. Fellowship. When you call us, email us, or stop by our location, you’re going to experience what you’ve always hoped to find. A place that feels a little different because it is different. We make good on our privilege to serve you. Every day. Isn’t it time you experience the Dyer Difference for yourself?

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